Mission Statement

Family Access Network will provide support to young people who are experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness in the form of:

  • Access to accommodation and support options including therapeutic interventions for both young people and accompanying children.
  • Development of resources for young people, children and staff.
  • Provision of social skill development opportunities for at risk young people and accompanying children.
  • Engaging in high quality research while conducting in-house research on best practice and innovation


FAN’s vision is a ‘community which acknowledges and values the dignity and worth of all citizens and enables individuals to deal positively with adverse situations in their lives’. We do this through:

Supporting young people’s right to self-determination

In recognition of the needs of homeless and at-risk young people, young families and accompanying children and LGBTIQA+ young people, FAN provides services that offer individual support according to their identified needs;

Assisting young people toward independence and empowerment over their own lives

To reduce homelessness, FAN supports and assists young people, young families and accompanying children, and LGBTIQA+ young people, who are experiencing homelessness to achieve independence and empowerment;

Advocating for, on behalf of and with young people on the public and political stage

FAN undertakes advocacy and develops public awareness of the issues relating to homelessness in general, underpinned by our commitment to housing as a basic human right.

Core Values

FAN board, staff and volunteers embrace, support and contribute to the following core values;

  • Client empowerment, social inclusion and participation embedded in programs and services
  • Upholding and promoting a rights based approach
  • Person centred practice
  • Respectful and embracing diversity
  • Trust, honesty and integrity
  • Improvement, innovation and best practice.