Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program, funded through City of Whitehorse and other partners offers a variety of workshop-based activities for at risk young people to learn new skills within a personal development framework. Volunteers are recruited to assist in Life Skills Programs, including Mentors, Volunteer Support Teams, Lead Tenants and Child Play Supervisors, and have an expanding role in supporting young families participating in FAN programs and activities.

Workshops and programs are specifically designed for young people aged 15-25 years, who are experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness, social isolation, alienation, depression, family breakdown, pregnant and/or parenting issues, mental health issues, settlement and / or cultural issues and include specific programs for LGBTIQA+ young people.

While some of the workshops may have changed since the following statement was made in FAN’s Annual Report from the 90’s, the philosophy remains the same:

“The term ‘Life Skills’ is used to describe the primary function of the program is a generic term for a host of core skills necessary for day to day existence. It is proposed that such life skills facilitate a greater connectedness between the young people and the community in which they exist. It is a given that enhanced life skills will impact upon the social and emotional well being of the young people involved.”

The Life Skills Program celebrates many years of successfully delivering a range of workshops and programs that address the primary needs of homeless and at risk young people and accompanying children. Regular review ensures FAN is keeping abreast of the ever changing client group.

A continuing focus of the program is on building longer term sustainable outcomes for clients and accompanying children, recognising that the immediate issues directly impact on their coping skills, requiring a stronger emphasis on self development programs.

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