Board Members

Board Members


Diane Godfrey – Chair

Diane joined the Board in 2017 and became chair of the Board in October 2018.

Diane has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and has undertaken post-graduate qualifications in Adolescent and Child Psychology and Neuroscience.

Diane worked for the Department of Human Services for over 30 years in a range of administration and program roles including disability services, institutional redevelopment, and in senior management roles in the homelessness and family violence unit in the Department. She was responsible for the delivery, development and implementation of new programs, delivery of programs on a state-wide basis and government and non-government processes.

Diane then undertook the Deputy Executive Officer role at Safe Futures Foundation, retiring in early 2020. Working with the homelessness and family violence agencies in the Eastern suburbs and participating in many partnerships has provided Diane with an increased understanding of the regional sector.

Diane has a range of skills that contribute to her ability to participate in Board activities,
including good communication skills, knowledge and experience in working with Government on a State and National level, good computer skills, experience in budget management and funding for programs and agencies.

Diane has a strong commitment to social justice and is looking forward to continuing to working with staff and Board members of FAN.

Jose Abalo – Deputy Chair

José—a member of the FAN Board and Executive since 2011—comes to us with a wide range of experience.

Jose graduated in 1987 from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Social Work. He also holds a José holds a Master of Social Work degree and is currently a Doctoral student at Charles Sturt University, exploring ways to better engage with early school leavers. During the late 1980s, Jose worked in health and child protection settings and in 1989 was appointed as one of the 6 Victorian Commissioners of Ethnic Affairs, providing high-level advice on Multicultural Issues to the then Victorian Premier, the Hon. John Cain.

José has extensive experience in Income Support Policy and Service delivery at the Federal level having worked with the Department of Social Security, Centrelink and more recently the Australian Government Department of Human Services. Whilst working for the Federal government, Jose developed experience in emergency management. Following the Victorian bushfires of February 7th 2009, and together with some 110 of his colleagues, Jose worked closely with the communities affected by this natural disaster to assist them in the recovery process.

Hannah Hodges – Secretary

Hannah joined the Board in November 2017.

Hannah has completed her Law (Hons) and Behavioural Science degrees. She is currently a practising lawyer with experience in insurance, banking and commercial disputes. Whilst working in private practice, Hannah established her firm’s pro bono scheme to assist victims of crime and made new case law regarding insurers’ ability to decline drink driving claims.

Hannah has also worked in-house at a not-for-profit organisation resolving insurance and
financial planning disputes. During this time, she has helped develop protocols for victims of family violence and worked on a submission to change the insurance industry’s approach to disputes involving family violence. She also sits on the Building Appeals Board hearing appeals or disputes arising under the Victorian Building Act and its Regulations.

Currently, Hannah works in-house as a Government Solicitor assisting with internal and external enquiries relating to business and corporate matters.

After 8 years as a volunteer solicitor at a community legal service, Hannah is particularly
passionate about assisting victims of family violence. She believes that all adults and children are entitled to live without violence in their homes.

Hannah was drawn to FAN for its ethos and holistic approach to supporting young people experiencing homelessness and family violence. She believes the right help at the right time can lead to positive outcomes both now and in the future. Hannah is excited about her role and is looking forward to continuing to contribute to FAN’s great work.

Kelly Rafferty (Leave of Absence)

Kelly joined the Board in 2013 and is passionate about social justice and community connections. These focuses came early in her career and provided clear direction. They led to a 10-year career in Human Resources and carried through to her current role, in Corporate Social Responsibility with the Telstra Foundation. Kelly manages Telstra’s employee supported giving programs, including the Telstra Kids Fund, a grassroots community grants program. Feminist, lifelong learner and crafter, Kelly holds of Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and is currently studying towards a Masters in Community Development

Bronwen Henry – Treasurer

Bronwen joined the FAN Board in October 2017 and is currently the Executive Officer with Gateway LLEN. She has more than fifteen years of experience in the community sector including working as a counsellor within secondary schools and program development and facilitation for at-risk youth. In her role as Executive Officer at Gateway LLEN, Bronwen works with a wide range of individuals and organisations to develop and build sustainable partnerships that provide innovative programs to improve education and successful transitions for at-risk youth to further education, training or employment for young people in the Gateway region.

General Board Members


Ange Morgan

Ange joined the Board in February 2019 and is a registered art therapist (ANZACATA) practising in Victoria, Australia. Ange works with adult and child populations in mental health, homelessness and family violence sectors, within public, private and community settings. Ange also lectures in the Master of Art Therapy program, in the area of adult mental disorders, and provides supervision to students on clinical placement at La Trobe University. Ange has a particular interest in art therapy in the service of adults who have experienced homelessness. Their practice in this area includes a focus on clients with complex co-occurring conditions. Ange is interested in the ways in which art therapy can support people from backgrounds of homelessness to experience equality, positive identity, social inclusion and stability. Ange has presented their work on art therapy in the service of people experiencing homelessness, and on areas of consideration for TGD people, transition and the arts in health at a range of conferences locally and internationally. They have lectured and provided workshops at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Red Pencil/ Hagar International in Cambodia, and Whitecliffe College in Auckland, Aotearoa/NZ. Ange holds a BA (Dance Performance) from VCA/Melbourne University and a BA (Hons) in painting from RMIT. In 2007 their collaborative work Chandelier was chosen for the City of Melbourne Laneway Commission series and occupied Warburton Lane in the CBD of Melbourne. They currently continue an art practice using a range of materials and hold an interest in Abstraction, and in reclaiming discarded materials and transformation as a process in art


Annerliegh Pappos

Annerliegh Pappos has worked in the community sector for over twenty years working in organisations that are committed to social justice. She initially worked in service delivery supporting people who have been impacted by the justice system to address their health and mental health needs, secure sustainable housing and address substance misuse issues. She moved into community development as part of the Neighbourhood Renewal program supporting low socio-economic communities to improve employment and learning outcomes and was one of the founders of the Northcote fruit and veggie swap held for many years at the Northcote Uniting Church.

For the last seven years, she has been a business development professional, designing service models and developing funding and policy submissions for state and federal governments. Since 2019 Annerliegh has worked for Neami National, initially in business development and more recently as a policy analyst, supporting Neami’s goal to ensure all Australians have access to mental health support and sustainable housing. Annerliegh has a Bachelor of Social Science (Socio-environmental assessment and policy) and a Master of Social Science (Criminology).

Annerliegh owes much gratitude to Family Access Network; as a former recipient of FAN’s homelessness support program, she welcomes the opportunity to contribute her lived experience to creating opportunities for young people experiencing a range of barriers, towards shaping the futures they desire.


Raylene Carr (Resigned May 2022)

Raylene has been a member of the Board since 2019. She comes with extensive experience in community engagement emanating from her 13 years as a City of Whitehorse Councillor. In her 10th year, she received recognition for her services to the community and in early 2020, Raylene was appointed a Life Member of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association in appreciation of volunteering her services to the Association for over a decade.

Raylene has a Diploma of Business and when not involved in Council duties, has volunteered her time for over 20 years as a government-accredited dog training instructor. She has been happily married for 46 years, 44 of those living and working in the local area. Raylene & Kevin have 2 adult sons.

Raylene has vast experience serving on many local advisory committees and running a successful home-based computer business for over 20 years. She also held the position of the secretariat for an asset finance brokers association for 11 years.

Raylene generates a greater understanding of social justice and equality in the community. She prides herself in treating all with respect regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or race. She is a good listener, shows empathy when needed and can facilitate effective communication by maintaining an open mind.

Raylene continues to work with the board to maintain a mutually beneficial partnership between herself, staff, board members and the community.


Sue Carlile CEO

Sue Carlile is the CEO of Family Access Network (FAN), and has worked in the homelessness sector for more than 30 years, and prior to that juvenile justice and local government. Qualifications include: Bachelor Social Sciences, Advanced Diploma Youth Work, Advanced Diploma Family Therapy, Continuing Education Certificate Quality Review of Health and Community Services In addition to the core funded work at FAN Sue has been and continues to be involved in the development of a number of innovative projects including SSATI/LGBTIQ responses, Post Care, Young People and Family Violence, Homeless Youth Dual Diagnosis Initiative, Young Families in Crisis, enhanced responses through Creating Connections; Private Rental Brokerage Program; and a Capacity Building Children’s Program.  An active contributor to sector enhancement and reform, including the establishment of Supported Accommodation Assistance Program in the 80s and presenting evidence to the Burdekin Human Rights Commission Inquiry into Our Homeless Children, amongst many others too numerous to note.

Research and innovative projects and partnerships are keen interests; notable projects include: LGBTI & Homelessness, Pregnancy & Homelessness, “Does camping count?” Children’s experiences of homelessness; other research projects related to parenting young women, same-sex attracted transgender intersex young people, sexual health, to name a few. Several of these have resulted in conference presentations and journal articles.

Sue has been on the Board of Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) since 2009, member of the Governance Group of the Eastern Homelessness Network, Victorian Homelessness Network, and previously a board member for 7 years at Eastern Community Legal Centre, as well as serving on a number of boards throughout her career. Sue is actively involved in the sector at a variety of levels, passionate and committed about a service system that is robust and responsive to the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

As an external reviewer and Report Auditor for Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation (QICSA) for 8 years, Sue was delighted to be involved in the development of the Rainbow Tick Standards.




David Burlew

David joined the Board in 2008: “Having lived and worked in the area for some 15 years I decided it was time to give back to my community. So I looked for an opportunity to serve. Around that time FAN had advertised for a commercial type person to serve as Treasurer. After a meeting with Sue and the Board, I was eager to accept the appointment”.

David has a commercial background with a 30-year career working with Pacific Dunlop, Ford, Goodyear and Nissan Motor Company. He managed the Mergers and Acquisitions function for a division of Pacific Dunlop and has international management experience across sales and marketing functions. In addition to his position at FAN, he has held positions as Chair of Pain Specialists Australia, Director of DB Consulting and Board advisor to Ariens, North America. His current appointments include Board member of Raleru Ltd and Managing Director of Camera House Australia. David holds a diploma in business, a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a master’s degree in business administration.

He is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is married with two children and in his spare time, he is a part-time musician and pilot.”

Caroline Symington

Caroline joined the Board in 2012 and has a background entrenched in the legal and commercial arena with over 18 years of experience in property and commercial law as well as in wills and probate. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminology and minor in Psychology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business with a major in Property Law and Conveyancing, a Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Caroline has a vast and varied professional history, with experience in sales and acquisitions of residential, commercial and rural property and of subdivisions and consolidations. This experience extends from standard home purchases, through to international corporate transactions and from simple ‘will makers’ through to estate disputes. Working alongside and on behalf of developers, financiers, foreign investors, first home buyers through to multi-property investors, Caroline aims to provide a unique understanding of the law, both theoretically and practically.

Caroline has a strong commitment to education and a safe home environment and is thrilled to have the opportunity to support these basic human rights in her local community through the wonderful work of FAN.

David MacKenzie

David MacKenzie joined the Board in 2012 and is an Associate Professor at the Swinburne Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University. He has a record of research and development on youth issues and youth policy and is widely recognised in Australia for his work on homelessness.

Over the past 20 years, David has served on several government advisory committees and task forces. He is co-author of Youth Homelessness: Early intervention and prevention (1998) as well as many reports and papers. In 2007-2008, David was one of the four Commissioners responsible for the National Youth Commission Inquiry into Youth Homelessness report, Australia’s Homeless Youth (2008) which was influential on the development of the Federal Government White Paper, The Road Home. David’s Counting The Homeless research pioneered a methodology for enumerating homelessness in Australia.