FAN is proud to be the first homelessness service to have successfully completed the Rainbow Tick Accreditation.

Rainbow Tick Accredited in 2014, 2017, 2020 and 2023.

Talking With Pride

Talking With Price is an arts-based therapeutic support group for LGBTIQA+ young people aged 15-25 who have experience family violence.

Eastern Diversity Group (EDG)

The Eastern Diversity Group (EDG) is a social support group for anyone aged 15-25 who is LGBTIQA+, or not sure if they might be!

Young Mums Group

Our Young Mums Group (YMG) program provides activities such as social outings, cooking, art, craft, educational guest speakers, healthy relationships, and so much more. We meet every Tuesday from 12-2pm @ The Mitcham Family Centre 15 Brunswick Road, Mitcham. You can…

Child Safe Standard

Family Access Network is committed to being a child-safe organisation, with zero tolerance for child abuse. We all play an important role in protecting children, especially if we have concerns for a child’s safety. We aim to create a culture of child safety that reduces….

About FAN

Family Access Network has been providing services to young people since 1981 and is committed to responding to the diverse needs of homeless and at-risk young people and young families. Our service philosophy is underpinned by a client focused, rights-based approach. We operate in the belief that timely intervention maximises positive outcomes.

FAN’s vision is for a community which acknowledges and values the dignity and worth of all citizens, and enables individuals to deal positively with adverse situations in their lives.

Family Access Network will provide support to young people who are homeless and those at risk of homelessness in the form of:

  • Access to accommodation and support options, including therapeutic interventions for both young people and accompanying children.
  • Development of resources for young people, children and staff.
  • Provide social skill development opportunities for at-risk young people and accompanying children.
  • Engage in high quality research while conducting in-house research on best practice and innovation.


“I really appreciate all of the support and help I have received so far. And have been completely blown away with the commitment, compassion and dedication all the staff have for their clients”
“Having someone nice manger you makes you feel welcome to open up about anything it’s a great program and o don’t see an changes that need to be made”



“I’d like to say thank you so much for cheering me up and making my mind at ease when I’m thinking about where I’m gonna live and I hope I get the same experience when I move out in a few months”
“I appreciate it so much and it has made this difficult time much easier and that’s just the best thing anyone could have done so thank you.”


PRPB Workshop

“I learn a lot (from the workshop) of what to expect when you sign a lease for a private rental that I didn’t know before”

PRPB Workshop


What’s your favourite thing about EDG?
“The people I love just talking and having fun together Like just being friendly together”
“Getting to be around people like me.”


Homeless Support Services

Private Rental Brokerage Prog.

Life Skills Program

Children’s Program


FAN’s Homeless Support Services use a client focused case management framework to provide support and assistance to young people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless.

Through the Youth Homelessness Action Plan 2 (YHAP2) Initiative funding, FAN has established a Private Rental Brokerage Program to assist and equip young homeless people to access, retain and sustain private rental accommodation as a long-term option.

The Life Skills Program, funded through City of Whitehorse and other partners, offers a variety of workshop-based activities for at-risk young people to learn new skills within a personal development framework.

The Children’s Program – Early Years provides adequate and timely support to young pregnant / parenting families and there accompanying children, providing them with appropriate services and therapeutic interventions.

There is a rich and rewarding history of volunteers contributing to the care of young people linked to FAN’s services.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners in each of the communities where we work and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.