The Eastern Diversity Group (EDG) is a social support group for young people aged 15-25 who are sexually and/or gender diverse and those that are just not sure yet!

It is the perfect place to meet people, make some friends, sort stuff out and have your questions answered. What we do depends on what the participants want to do. Each month a calendar of events is developed with the participants and this is available on the website.

We meet on Thursdays from 3-4.45 pm (during Term periods) at Youth ConneXions in Box Hill Centro; level 2.

Participants are welcome to just show up on the day, but we encourage both clients and/or workers to call ahead of time on 9890 2673 and ask to speak to the Program Coordinator.

Please see the Eastern Diversity Group Flyer for more information or contact Michelle at 9890 2673.

Download the Eastern Diversity Group 2023 Term 1 Calendar.