The Homelessness Assistance Service (Industry) Standards (HASS)

The Homelessness Assistance Service Standards are the industry standards for services funded through The Department of Human Services, Office of Housing to deliver homelessness support services.

These services include:
Crisis accommodation services
Homelessness assistance services
OOH funded family violence services, including after-hours service providers
Housing information & referral services
Social Housing Advocacy & Support Providers
Homelessness Networks/Children's Resource Program Providers
Other state-wide resource services.

These standards were developed during 2003-2004 with sector and consumer input. They were revised in 2006 and now consist of five practice sections, covering consumer rights, access, service delivery and case management, service delivery to specific groups and working with the community.

Homelessness funded services as above are required to become accredited against these standards by the end of December 2009 (see DHS Fact Sheet 5 under "DHS Information").

By December 2008 organisations will be expected to be either accredited (or involved in the process with QICSA, who are the accreditation provider); or to be registered as a QICSA member and have an accreditation plan in place with QICSA (DHS Fact Sheet 5. Organisations will need to have identified two contact people to work with QICSA throughout the process and these people will need to undertake a one day training course with QICSA

Many services have agreed to share their work and progress. The sharing of resources, ideas and questions is invaluable to ensure continuous improvement and development of the sector, not only to gain accreditation but most importantly to ensure quality* practice in working with people who access homelessness support.

Continuous quality improvement is a core element of accreditation.

FAN released a report titled Creating a Cultre of Quality: CQI and Implementing the Homelessness Assistance Service Standards which is available below and also via the CHP website.

This project was funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services as part of the 'Accreditation Round One Sector Resourcing' initiative.

Creating a Culture of Quality: CQI and Implementing the Homlessness Assisantace Service (Industry) Standards