Volunteer Stories
Volunteer statements:

FAN asked what being a volunteer meant to our team, these are some of their inspiring responses:

“Volunteering with FAN has been a super opportunity to learn about others and about myself. It's been a privilege and inspiration to witness young people facing adversity in life with such courage and resilience. Mentoring has been a test of my boundaries of friendship and patience. It's been a pleasure to meet good people, willing to try to make a difference for others in the team at FAN and my fellow volunteers!"

“A challenge not to be missed; being pushed to your limits, having your boundaries challenged and having faith that you can take it”

“Volunteering reminds me that we are all sharing the one world, we are in ‘this’ thing called ‘life’ together and we should all be ‘considered’ by one other”.

“Giving Loving Kindness and being absolutely thrilled and delighted when you do get something in return (and you do!).

“Feeling a magical sense of self-worth and giving that goes beyond any feeling for the ‘non-voluntary’ things that we do in our lives.”

“To continually be inspired by the youth of today and realising how important it is to have goals and how important it is to have people there to support you with helping you reach them.”

“Being a volunteer for me has brought humility to my life. I have also learned that not everything is black and white, however, the main thing for me is that I must be doing something right to have a positive influence for a young person to be willing to meet each week, which warms my heart greatly. I feel that my contribution could make a positive difference for somebody less fortunate than myself.”

“Working for FAN gives me a sense of adding something positive to the community. It is also a learning experience which adds depth to my own life."

Allan Rogerson, Amanda Leithead, Amanda Weisz
Dimi Hoppe, Emma Bregazzi, Emma Officer
Gael Trusler, Gena Haldoupis, Helen Barnes
Jana Hargrove, Jenny Ryan, Joe Balta
Lynne Wambeek, Mandy Phull, Paul Whelan
Rick Sciessere, Rick Vriends, Sam Tziaras
Simon Compton, Troy Harris, Veronica Fong