Pivate Rental Brokerage Program

Through the Youth Homelessness Action Plan 2 (YHAP2) Initiative funding, FAN has established a Private Rental Brokerage Program to assist and equip young homeless people to access, retain and sustain private rental accommodation as a long-term option. FAN’s Housing Support Worker – Private Rental services the Cities of Whitehorse, Boroondara, Monash and Manningham. FAN's Private Rental Brokerage Worker provides services across four Local Governement Areas (LGA's) within the inner Eastern Region; The Cities of Whitehorse, Boroondara, Manningham and Monash, and Anchor's Private Rental Worker works across three LGAs within the outer Eastern Region; The Shire of Yarra Ranges and the Cities of Knox and Maroondah.

In response to Creating Connections (Youth Homelessness Action Plan 2) funding, FAN has successfully entered into an Eastern Metropolitan Regions (EMR) Integrated Youth Hub partnership with Harrison (lead agency), EastCare, Wesley and Anchor Community Care, guided by a Memorandum of Understanding. A range of program responses tailored to meet the needs of homeless and at risk young people are offered by the integrated model, which is funded by the Department of Human Services to 2010 and supported by the Management Group representing all partner agencies.

FAN and Anchor Community Care have established a Private Rental Brokerage Program to assist young people and/or young single parent families, aged 15-25, to secure and sustain private rental housing. The aim of the Program is to assist, support and facilitate homeless young people to establish and sustain housing stability within private rental. This will be achieved by individually tailored responses, information and skill development workshops for young people and community education projects. Underpinning the program is a commitment to collaborative working relationships between existing homelessness service providers, real estate agents, youth and specialist services as required.

Prior to specific funding FAN utilised a range of fundraising methods to foster young people’s access to private renal housing opportunities. FAN’s Breaking the Cycle over Breakfast and Private Rental Assistance Scheme learning’s formed the basis of the Private Rental Brokerage Program model developed for the Eastern Metropolitan Region. Since 2005 both initiatives enhanced FAN’s services, assisting many young people to secure safe and affordable private rental. Networking with real estate agents is a pivotal aspect to the Private Rental Brokerage Program, and FAN will continue to foster and enhance relationships between the private rental marked and the homelessness sector.

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