Children's Programs

The Children's Program - Early Years provides adequate and timely support to young pregnant / parenting families and there accompanying children, providing them with appropriate services and therapeutic interventions. The Children's Program - Early Years provides the framework to ensure FAN's physical space, resources, work practice and policies are consistent with and operating at best practice to support a child safe environment.

The Children and Young Families Support Worker is committed to providing a range of early interventions for children and to act as a resource for parent’s staff and volunteers by conducting educational workshops and information sessions on current underlying issues regarding children.

Therapeutic intervention are provided to children and young families in response to evidence based analysis of data, service gaps, needs assessment and client feedback, through a range of projects, workshops, groupwork and individual activities. This aids in parent / child relationships and fosters children's opportunites to partcipate in safe play environments while supporting young parents in thier parenting role as well as offering peer group interaction and social connectedness.

FAN's experience has shown that the capacity to be responsive and creative has contributed to timely and innovative practice, services fostered through alternative funding streams. Over the past 3 years the Alfred Felton Bequest has supported FAN in our committment to the fundamental philosophies of social justice and human rights, and has enabled FAN to offer a range of tailored and appropriate services to young pregnant / parenting families and thier accompanying children.

The Children and Young Families Worker works closely with the facilitator of the weekly Young Mums Group (YMG) to  providing support to mothers and their accompanying children.

The Children's and Young Families Support Worker provides advocacy, fostering interdependence and promoting social inclusion with the capacity to deliever a specific children's program that will provide wholistic care and support. Children who access FAN’s services are provided with an activity based environment where they learn through therapeutic play, with the use of developmentally appropriate resources. Children exposed to homelessness may be at risk of not achieving important developmental milestones. Consequently FAN is committed in supporting the development of physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive skills.