The Transitional Support Program, funded by Department of Human Services (DHS) , provides support to young people between the ages of 15-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The client group consists of single young people, young same-sex attracted transgender and intersex young people, young pregnant and parenting women, young families and accompanying children.

FAN's case managed responses to homeless and at risk young people first commenced in 1981, however, FAN has been in receipt of recurrent homelessness funding since the inception of SAAP funding in 1985 and for a number of years successfully managed properties through the Youth Housing Program. FAN has also managed the Housing Establishment Fund (HEF) since it first began.

FAN currently has access to 15 transitional properties through Community Housing Victoria Ltd (CH(Vic)L) and Salvation Army EastCare Housing Services. While most of the properties are located in the City of Whitehorse, supported transitional housing responses are offered in the Cities of Boroondara and Manningham. Of these, nine are allocated for family and pregnant/ parenting housing responses, four are for single/student housing responses, and two are specifically a same-sex attracted transgender intersex housing response, which is a state-wide pilot. One of the student houses is specifically designed as Lead Tenant models to provide extra support and role modelling for younger clients and/or those requiring an enhanced housing response. FAN continues to work alongside all Transitional Housing Managers (THM’s) to best assist young people in their housing and support needs, and to facilitate the most appropriate outcomes.

In addition to the transitional properties, FAN has access to a property provided by Caroline and Derek Young of the Orcadia Foundation, who make it possible to provide a longer term housing option for clients. This property is specifically designed to facilitate a supported transition into a longer-tern housing model for young families, and the purpose is to provide young families with a stable 12 month tenancy history, appropriate references and ultimately access to the private rental market.

Homeless Support Services Brochure