alsorts Project
Initially begun in partnership with the ALSO foundation in 2006,  FAN offers alsorts; a transitional housing response for Same Sex Attracted Transgender Intersex (SSATI) young people. A pilot project commenced in 2006, and contributed to significant organisational audit, review and training – both internal and external.

Alsorts was the first of its kind in Victoria and has grown to having two properties aligned as well as outreach services.

Staff continue to participate in training in line with FAN’s commitment to provide an inclusive environment for clients with diverse sexual and gender orientations in all aspects of service delivery. FAN continues to provide sector wide information on the alsorts pilot and in particular the operational enhancements implemented.

In July 2008 FAN Completed a Best Practice Report entitled ‘alsorts: SSATI Young People and Homelessness’. The aim of  the SSATI Best Practice Project was to document, describe and articulate FAN's journey towards supporting SSATI young people at risk or experiencing homelessness; including the process of undertaking internal audits across the entire organisation; the implementation of SSATI relevant training; the revision of assessment, language, displays and other documentation; and an understanding of how FAN's learning could be applied across the broader youth homelessness service sector. The practice wisdom that has emerged from the implementation of the ‘alsorts’ project forms an important evidence base that will enhance the wider application of inclusive practice. In addition to documenting the ‘alsorts’ model the project also aims to increase referral pathways and encourage the collaboration of partnerships to ensure that an inclusive and ‘best practice’ approach to providing housing support and services to SSATI young people is adopted more broadly throughout the service system.

This project was funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services (DHS) through the ‘Best Practice Grants for Integrated Family Violence Reform and Young People’ initiative.

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