The role of the FAN Board is governance. Day to day operations are managed by the CEO under delegation. Board members contribute a range of skills and expertise to the role and may also assist in operational matters as required/requested. This may include in legal, accounting and research expertise as required. Such participation in operational matters is on a case by case basis and is not meant to weaken the concept that the Board's role is one of Governance.

Day-to-day operations and responsibilities of the CEO incorporate: staff appointment, support and supervision across all aspects of performance and client management; community liaison; partnership development;, quality and accreditation frameworks;, accountability requirements and negotiations with funding bodies. FAN's activities are comprehensively reported through monthly Executive and bi-monthly Board meeting reports and updates.

The Executive provides support and guidance to the role of CEO and where authorised by the full Board addresses governance matters as required. The Executive comprises Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The Financial Administrator reports on the FAN financial accounts to the Executive and provides full statements, budgets and variation to budget to the CEO, Executive and Board.

The Board oversees the financial viability, legislative and compliance requirements, establishes and monitors the strategic directions of FAN.

FAN presents its Annual Report to members at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held on the third Wednesday of October.

In February 2005 FAN sought input from an independent consultant around Governance principles. The outcome from the presentation to board members reflected that the key principles of governance are demonstrated in FAN's processes.

At the AGM in October 2005 FAN introduced constitutional changes to reflect the governance functions and the change to FAN Board of Governance. A copy of the FAN Constitution is available on the server.

In February 2006 FAN Board and Staff commenced a review of the Strategic Plan to set the future directions for the next 3 to 5 years. The FAN staff contributed to a review of operational services, which was guided through internal planning sessions and portfolio reviews from February to August 2006. An independent consultant facilitated the Board Strategic Plan development from December 2006 to February 2007. Further internally led work from the board and staff led to the adoption of the FAN Strategic Plan 2007 - 2010

Board meetings are held bi-monthly on the third Wednesday currently commencing at 5.30pm and generally completed within one and a half hours. Board members need to allow one hour to read Board papers before each meeting. Four members of the Board Chairperson, Deputy Chair, Treasurer, Secretary together with the Manager, form an Executive Sub-committee, which meets monthly (second Wednesdays at 12.30pm). Working groups or time limited sub committees are formed as required.

Other Board members might expect to contribute between one and two hours per month beyond meetings; contributing an individual skill or working on a Board project; or helping to develop the strategic plan. Present workloads do not exceed 3-4 hours per month.

Apologies are sought and expected prior to the meeting, preferably advised to both the CEO and Chairperson. This assists in determining if the meeting will have a quorum. As the meetings occur bi-monthly it would be anticipated there is a regular commitment to attend. Inconsistent attendance interrupts the flow of information and decision-making and potentially exposes board members in the context of fiduciary responsibility and general due diligence.

The week prior to each meeting Board members will receive a mail out (usually electronically), which contains:
  • Agenda
  • Minutes from previous board meeting
  • Reports
    • Executive
    • Manager and Staff Reports
    • Financial Reports
  • And other material considered applicable to the Agenda and/or for Board knowledge.
This allows for consideration of documents and issues prior to the meeting to assist in informed discussions and decision-making.

The agenda is prepared at the Executive meeting which occurs in the week prior to the Board meeting.

In the event of the Chairperson being unavailable the Deputy Chairperson chairs the meeting.

Our Board Members

David Burlew - Chairperson and Treasurer
David has a commercial background with a 30 year career working with Pacific Dunlop, Ford, Goodyear and Nissan Motor Company. He managed the Mergers and Acquisitions function for a division of Pacific Dunlop and has international management experience across sales and marketing functions. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Adeal Pty. Ltd., and holds advisory board positions for various Australian and U.S. based organisations. David holds a Diploma in business, a Bachelor's degree in commerce and a Master's degree in business administration. He is married with two children and in his spare time, he is a part time musician and pilot.
David joined the Board in 2008: "Having lived and worked in the area for some 15 years I decided it was time to give back to my community. So I looked for an opportunity to serve. Around that time FAN had advertised for a commercial-type person to serve as Treasurer. After a meeting with Sue and the Board, I was eager to accept the appointment".

Brett Phillip- Deputy Chair
Brett is a Licensed Estate Agent and Auctioneer with Noel Jones Real Estate in Balwyn. Part of his role in real estate has been volunteering his time with different charities, sporting clubs and local schools to help raise much needed funds and/or as a member of a Committee or on the Board of a Charity. It was through this association that he was introduced to one of the staff members of FAN. This meeting led to a donation being offered by Brett to help a student who urgently needed books and other associated items to complete their course of study.
Brett has been on the Board of FAN since 2011 and is the current Deputy Chair. Brett provides his experience in business and service with associated Committees and Boards towards assisting FAN to continue its excellent service to the community
Jose Abalo - Deputy Chair
Jose', a member of the FAN Executive Board, comes to us with a wide range of experience. Originally from Uruguay, Jose' lived and worked in Sydney where he read for a degree in Sociology and Latin American Studies at the University of New South Wales. Following his move to Melbourne, he continued his studies at Swinburne University, reading for a Post Graduate level degree in Urban Sociology and Public Policy.
Jose' then worked for the then Department of Community Services (CSV) in the redevelopment of Kew Cottages before graduating in 1987 from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Social Work. During the late 1980s, Jose worked in health and child protection settings.
In 1989 Jose was appointed as one of the 6 Victorian Commissioners of Ethnic Affairs, providing high-level advice on Multicultural Issues to the then Victorian Premier, the Hon John Cain.
Jose' has extensive experience in Income Support Policy and Service delivery at the Federal level having worked with the Department of Social Security, Centrelink and more recently the Australian Government Department of Human Services.
Whilst working for the Federal government, Jose developed experience in emergency management. Following the Victorian bushfires of February 7th 2009, and together with some 110 of his colleagues, Jose worked closely with the communities affected by this natural disaster to assist them in the recovery process.
Jose' holds a Master of Social Work degree and is currently a Doctoral student at Charles Sturt University, exploring ways to better engage with early school leavers. Jose joined the FAN Board in 2011.
Caroline Symington
Caroline joined the Board in 2012 and has a background entrenched in the legal and commercial arenawith over ten years' experience in property and commercial law and wills and probate. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in which Criminology and minor in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business, with a major in Property Law and Conveyancing. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Laws.
Caroline has a vast and varied professional history, with experience in sales and acquisitions of residential, commercial and rural property and of subdivisions and consolidations. This experience extends from ‘Mum and Dad’ home purchases, through to international corporate transactions and from simple ‘will makers’ through to estate disputes. Working alongside and on behalf of developers, financiers, foreign investors, first home buyers through to multi property investors, Caroline aims to provide a unique understanding of the law, both theoretically and practically.
Caroline has a strong commitment to education and a safe home environment and is thrilled to have the opportunity to support these basic human rights in her local community through the wonderful work of FAN.
David McKenzie
David MacKenzie joined the Board in 2012 and is an Associate Professor at the Swinburne Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University.
David has a record of research and development on youth issues and youth policy and is widely recognised in Australia for his work on homelessness.
In 2005, David established Youth Development Australia (YDA) as a not-for-profit charity to advance the cause of homeless young Australians and as a vehicle for innovation on youth policy and programs. The Youthworx program for homeless and at-risk youth and the social enterprise Youthworx Productions have been developed under YDA.
Over the past 20 years, David has served on a several government advisory committees and taskforces. He is co-author of Youth Homelessness: Early intervention and prevention (1998) as well as many reports and papers. In 2007-2008, David was one of the four Commissioners responsible for the National Youth Commission Inquiry into Youth Homelessness report Australia’s Homeless Youth (2008) which was influential on the development of the Federal Government White Paper, The Road Home. The Counting The Homeless research pioneered a methodology for enumerating homelessness in Australia.
David is currently Director of the Homeless Research Collaboration, a group of four universities, along with two other universities, that have been funded to do research under the Homelessness Research Partnership Agreement.

Kelly Rafferty
Kelly is a tertiary qualified Human Resources professional with experience across a variety of industries including Telecommunications, Media/Advertising, Financial Services and Pharmaceuticals. Kelly has significant experience across all aspects of HR, including; employee relations, organisational development, recruitment & selection, performance management, industrial relations, change management, talent & succession management and employee engagement. Kelly has a particular passion for diversity and inclusion practices (including workplace flexibility) which is guided by her desire to enable workplace equality and an aspiration to help re-set workplace norms. Kelly has been working alongside FAN since January 2012, through the social enterprise, Big Fat Smile. The enterprise supports agencies in the eastern and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne by providing care packs for the children of clients. Packs include age & sex appropriate clothing, a toy and a book. Through this experience Kelly was drawn to find further ways to contribute to society and to further her social justice experience; she is confident that her appointment to the Board will enable these goals. Kelly is thrilled to serve as a Board member and looks forward to playing a part in the FAN story.

Rachel Porter

Rachel joined the Board in early 2014 and has worked in not for profit community organisations for over 20 years. She founded and is currently a director of K.I.S.S. Communications, a public relations and media agency. She also founded Aero Pro Medical Foundation, a charity established to provide medical specialist's services to rural and remote communities. Rachel previously worked with Nelson Mandela for two and a half years on World Reconciliation Day, raising over $1 million dollars for his children's charity.

Rachel is a much sort after speaker in the area of women's health and pregnancy issues after over 20 years in that sector. She has travelled abroad in her role as a public speaker on women's health issues being interviewed many times on radio, television and appearing in magazines and newspapers.

Residing on the Melbourne Awards judging panel, Rachel is a Justice of the Peace and a member of the National Association of Loss and Grief and is a qualified grief counsellor. In the past Rachel has worked with various correctional centres and their staff members to involve offenders in community activities including designing and building Moomba floats for charity groups and currently works with the Department of Justice with the Office of the Public Advocate helping some of society’s most vulnerable and isolated individuals.

Over the years, Rachel's work within the community has been recognised with a number of Awards including the Patch Adams Humanitarian of the Year Award; City of Boroondara’s Citizen of the Year and the Tattersall’s Community Service Award.

Sue Carlile - CEO of Family Access Network
CEO of Family Access Network for almost 15 years, 30 plus years of experience in the homelessness sector - specifically young people and young families, several years pre-dating that in juvenile justice and other community based youth services.

Professional study in Youth Work, Social Sciences, and Family Therapy and since 2004 an Accredited Review Manager with QICSA (now QIP).

Active Board member on a number of regional, local and statewide services.

Since 2004 participated and collaborated in several research projects, predominantly with Melbourne University Key Centre for Women's Health in Society; notably on topics around Inclusion, Young Motherhood, Sexual Health, and just commenced Children In Homelessness.

Participation in a number of regional and statewide reference groups, accreditation models, EMR Monitoring and Advisory Group, and currently involved in a number of partnership projects notably: Alsorts with The ALSO Foundation and Creating Connections Integrated Youth Hubs with Harrison, Anchor, Wesley and EastCare.

Presented at the National Homeless Conference in March 2006 and the National Homeless Youth Inquiry in April 2007; including a requested submission reflecting on 25 years of youth work practice in the homelessness sector.

In 2013, Sue was acknowledged by the Council to Homeless Persons in receiving the Beth Wilson Lifetime Achievement Award.
Sue is mother of two adult sons and servant to two dogs and a cat.