What We Do
Family Access Network has been providing services to young people since 1981 and is committed to responding to the diverse needs of homeless or at risk young people and young families. Our service philosophy is underpinned by a client focused rights-based approach. We operate in the belief that timely intervention maximises positive outcomes.

Services provided

Transitional support:

access to transistional accommodation with support for young people aged 15-25 in shared independant and lead tenant properties for males/females; shared and sole properties for young pregnant or parenting women, families and couples.
  • support to maintain housing and access to private rental, public and other housing options
  • ongoing assistance and/or referral for support issues such as employment/education, child related needs, budgeting, legal, substance abuse, counselling, mental health, family and domestice violence
  • 'Alsorts'; a transitional response for Same Sex Attracted Transgender Intersex (SSATI) young people. Launched in June 2006, Alsorts is the first of its kind in Victoria.
Children's Program - Early Years
  • supports the development of physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive skills through therapeutic play, group work and individual responses.
  • offers activities and educational workshops that focus on enhancing the parent/child relationship, general well-being and community connectedness.
  • acts as a resource for parents, staff and volunteers on issues regarding children.

Private Rental Brokerage Program
  • assists homeless young people to establish and maintain housing stability within the private rental market
  • provides a range of flexible brokerage packages and related forms of housing assistance and support
  • links young people into appropriate services to make this transition more achievable
  • establish collaborative working relationships between existing homeless service providers, real estate agents and specialist services.

Lifeskills Program

  • developed in 1997 to provide young people under 25 with a range of interesting and fun programs and activities
  • the Young Mum's Group is a place for pregnant and/or parenting women to participate in social activities and meet other young mums over lunch.
We provide a child friendly environment including the use of toys and activities suitable for ages 0-5 years.

Volunteer Program

Mentors: Volunteer Mentors develop a supportive one on one relationship with a young person from our homeless support program, developing friendship and support. Mentors are linked with a young person and meet at a time and place mutually convenient and participate in a range of activities of their choice. This might include seeing a movie, or just meeting for coffee.
In order to be eligible as a Volunteer for this Program, mentors need to be over 21 and able to commit for a minimum of 12 months.
Volunteer Support Team: The Support Team compromises of several volunteers who are designated to a specific transitional house and meet with clients there on a weekly basis. The team offers to the young people an acceptance by the local community, modelling in relation to good citizenship, an ever growing network of contacts; and time to sit and listen and to share in the little things in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. This offers young people the chance to take pride in their home, budgeting skills, home management and help to resolve conflict and disputes that may arise.
Child Play Supervisors: We offer a wide range of workshops and activities specifically designed to meet the needs of young people in the community. Volunteers participate alongside the group, while at the same time building supportive and positive relationships. These volunteers include Child Play Supervisors who attend the weekly Young Mums Group and support accompanying children.
In order to be eligible as a Volunteer for this Program, you need to over 18 and able to commit for the duration of the workshop in question.
Lead Tenant: The aim of a Lead Tenant is to provide friendship and support to young people who may benefit from the live in presence of a positive adult role model. Lead Tenants are incorporated into the Volunteer Program and have access to support in terms of training and monthly Volunteer meetings .

HYDDI: Homeless Youth Dual Diagnosis Initiative

This program is a partnership with Eastern Health and is funded by the Victorian Department of Health. The aim of the program is to improve the youth homelessness sector's response to young people who have impacting substance use and mental health issues; with a view to maximising the young person's recovery.